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Re: new run package

Alexander Gottwald wrote:

mkdir -p "run"
pushd "run"
wget "";
wget "";
wget "";

First, thanks for packaging this.

Second, there are two problems:

(1) Some icons referenced in the resource file are missing.
   untar the attached icons into run-1.1.5/src

(2) But none of the icons or resources are actually linked into the exe. The src/ needs a little tweaking -- apply the attached patch and re-automake.

Hope that helps.


Attachment: run-missing-icons.tar.bz2
Description: Binary data

diff -urN -x .build -x .inst -x .sinst run-1.1.5-orig/src/ run-1.1.5/src/
--- run-1.1.5-orig/src/	2005-11-01 05:14:11.000000000 -0500
+++ run-1.1.5/src/	2005-11-02 01:14:27.796875000 -0500
@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@
 	$(WINDRES) -o $@ -I$(srcdir) -i `test -f '$<' || echo '$(srcdir)/'`$<
-run_SOURCES = run.c run.h run.ico X.ico X-boxed.ico
-run_LDFLAGS = -mwindows -e_mainCRTStartup
 ## Extra dependencies for the compiled resource file
 ICONS=run.ico X.ico X-boxed.ico rxvt.ico xemacs.ico file.ico lisp.ico vim.ico
-resource.o: $(ICONS) resource.rc run.h
+resource.o: resource.rc $(ICONS) run.h
+run_SOURCES = run.c run.h resource.rc $(ICONS)
+run_LDFLAGS = -mwindows -e_mainCRTStartup

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