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Re: [PATCH] setup: add "Size" column to chooser

On Tue, 24 May 2005, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > As promised earlier, here's a patch against the current CVS that adds the
> > "Size" column to the setup chooser screen, showing the size of the package
> > tarball(s).  It seems to work well for me.  Two caveats: since the size
> > information is extracted from setup.ini, if a package is not in setup.ini,
> > the size will be wrong or nonexistent; and this doesn't work well for
> > source-only packages (mostly because currently only one version of the
> > source can be selected).  Please test.  Comments welcome.
> It's really hard to make source packages fit well into the GUI design, isn't
> it?

Yes, but that's not the problem.  The source package selected is *always*
the latest, independent of the binary version.  This isn't done in the
GUI, but rather in packageversion::sourcePackage(), IIRC.

> It's a bit weird that the size is [binary package size always] plus
> [source package only if selected], on the other hand I don't have a
> better suggestion.

Well, the following line is the culprit:

+      if (!picked) picked = pkg.trustp(theView.deftrust);

I could just compute sz before, and then if sz is 0, get the size of the
default binary package...  Let me test this and hear others' input.

> I've wondered sometimes if perhaps source handling should be removed
> entirely from the main package picker.

I like the ability to get the source.  I just think the source should be
the same version as the binary package picked.  I know, SHTDI.

> > ChangeLog below:
> > ==============================================================================
> > 2005-05-24  Igor Pechtchanski  <>
> >
> > * PickView.h (PickView::size_col): New instance variable.
> > * (pkg_headers, cat_headers): Add size column.
> > (PickView::set_headers): Initialize size_col.
> > (PickView::init_headers): Include width of size column.
> > * (PickPackageLine::paint): Handle size_col.
> > * (format_1000s): New functions.
> > * String++.h (format_1000s): Declare new functions.
> This could just use a default argument for "sep", couldn't it, rather than a
> wrapper written out in full?

Ah, yes, quite true -- I've been writing Java for too long.  New iteration
coming up.
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