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Re: new setup for testing

Chris January wrote:

> I don't think the radio buttons should really be radio buttons at all
> because when you select one it changes the state of another widget:
> namely the package selection widget. It also collapses the tree if you
> have it expanded, which is another no-no.

I agree that the use of radio buttons here is quite inappropriate in
terms of UI guidelines.  I feel though that if it were to be replaced, a
dropdown listbox containing keep, prev, curr, and exp would be more
appropriate than buttons for each.  That way you can be slightly more
wordy (e.g. maybe spell out "Current", "Experimental" along with an
explanatory label to the side) without worrying about space.

But, I want to try to minimize the amount of work spent on minor
improvements to the current package chooser.  Even with the above
change, there are still many elements of it that are not all that
intuitive, and I would like to at least consider the idea of rethinking
the interface completely.

The idea I had is to try to mock up a quick and rough demo of some ideas
so that we can try various alternatives without having to actually write
the final code.  Obviously I haven't gotten that far yet, but that's
what I had in mind.


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