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[ITP] bash

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Since all promises of a bash maintainership have been empty so far, I
propose the following:

file	size	md5sum
	1198958	777ebe7bfade4303907850c90357dad2
	2464187	8d48df4f3e138f090fcbad3571dfbcb4
	(prev: 2.05b-16, curr: 2.05b-17, test: 3.0-1)
	506	1ae0f81016868b5256f96ea29bd69ccf

Please test, since I did nothing further than build the official 3.0
sources with all 16 official patches, plus a forward port of all patches
in 2.05b-17.  I haven't yet had a chance to see if process substitution
behaves nicely (now that named pipes exist), and I already noticed that
tab-completion on absolute paths didn't seem to work smoothly, so there
will need to be a second release before this can be put out of test.  I am
providing this as a show of good faith that I really can build it (and not
just promise to do so).  Also, does anyone know whether it would be wise
to make bash depend on libreadline6, libintl3, and libiconv, and if so,
how to go about doing that?  I can't figure out why my build of bash-3.0
is 3 times the size of bash-2.05b-17.

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Life is short - so eat dessert first!

Eric Blake   
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