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Re: new setup for testing

"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

> > The column headers disappear partially when switching back from full
> > screen view to normal view, see attached screenshot.
> It works at first, breaks after using the radio buttons one time, e.g.
> switch from 'curr' to 'exp' then toggle back from full screen view to
> default.

Thanks for the report.  I think this is related to another problem I'm
aware of and need to write code to fix: when you resize the package
chooser, the scroll info is not recalculated.  It's only recalculated
when you e.g. switch the view, or toggle the "hide obsolete" checkbox. 
Example: Maximize, then cycle the view to full.  Now restore to original
size without touching the view, and scroll all the way down.  You can't
get to the very bottom of the package list because the scroll info has
not been recalculated.  Likewise if you switch to full then maximize you
can scroll down past the last line, for the same reason.

The headers not being repainted properly I believe is another issue, the
cause of which I have a good guess...


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