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new setup for testing wrote:

> CVSROOT:        /cvs/cygwin-apps
> Module name:    setup
> Changes by:   2005-05-21 23:04:04
> Modified files:
>         .              : ChangeLog
>                          PickCategoryLine.h PickLine.h
>                 PickPackageLine.h
>                 PickView.h choose.h
>                 proppage.h res.rc
>                          resource.h
> Added files:
>         .              : prereq.h tree-plus.bmp tree-minus.bmp

I've just committed the above changes.  Here is a list of what has

- Committed the dependency checking code.

- Dependency checker should now recognise when a package is already
installed that meets the dependency, and rather than reinstall it just
do nothing.  (I.e. if you set a required package that is currently
installed to Uninstall, it will just negate that choice rather than

- Added a 'Hide obsolete packages' checkbox that defaults to checked. 
This will hide packages in category 'ZZZRemovedPackages' and any
category that starts with '_'.

- Re-worked the painting code of the package chooser.  It should now be
much faster and more efficient.  The old code was very dumb in how it
set and reset a clipping region for every single column of every row. 
You can demonstrate this by selecting 'Full' view and then maximizing
setup and dragging the slider, the repaint delay is quite slow.

- Fixed a bug where if you clicked on the 'Source' check-box of an
already-installed package, it would show "n/a" instead of putting a
cross in the box.

- Added support for mousewheel scrolling of the package selector.  I did
not know this was even broken until recently, as it has always worked
for me.  But apparently if you do not have a mouse driver such as MS
IntelliMouse installed that translates mouse-wheel movements into
up/down messages, the mouse wheel did nothing in setup.  It should now
work for all systems, regardless of driver.  (Note: Win95 is not
supported, as it had a different system of handling the mouse wheel, and
I did not feel like implementing it for the ancient OS.)

- Used proper bitmaps for the '+' / '-' category expander.

- Changed the spash screen copyright to say simply "Copyright 2001-2005"
since listing every copyright holder would take up too much space.

- Fixed a couple of minor dialog resizing / layout problems.

I have tested this build with WinXP, Win2k, and Win98, and it seems to
work as expected.  However, I still need others to test it. 
Particularly, I'm interested in feedback of the Dependency Checker,
anything related to the chooser page painting, and mouse wheel.

You can find the test version here:


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