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Re: maybe-ITP: bsdiff

On May 17 00:15, Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >I've just read the BSDPL finally and I see that it tries to
> >impose itself on any distribution which contains a binary which is
> >licensed in this fashion.  So, as was hinted at earlier in the thread,
> >this makes the license viral.  So, you're right.  We can't use it since
> >including it would change the licensing of the entire distribution.
> >
> But is "minimal patching ni order to port" considered distributing a
> "dreivative work" or a "binary"?
> Anyway, as far as I understood from the source on ML, the
> author didn't really mean to mean that "that way", so I could ask the
> author himself if he can personally allow an exception for cases such as
> this one?
> If that could help, or it wouldn't help anyway?

It's a bit dangerous to rely on the author saying "but I didn't mean it
that way".  Probably he would have to change the license to include
some explicit wording about this situation.  Asking can't hurt, though.


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