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Re: maybe-ITP: bsdiff

On Mon, 16 May 2005, Lapo Luchini wrote:

> Max Bowsher wrote:
> > Cygwin-specific README: gcc is not a runtime requirement. I assume
> > it was supposed to be a build requirement.
> Of course ^_^
> > I've taken to saying "(basic development packages)" in the packages
> > I maintain, to mean such obvious things as gcc, binutils, patch,
> > diff, make, to avoid listing them all.
> Good idea.

Agreed.  Should the generic-readme be changed accordingly?

> > IMO, just drop the "Files included in the binary distribution:"
> > section entirely, but if it's going to stay, take note that the
> > g-b-s now gzips man pages, so the man page file names are missing
> > ".gz".
> IMHO that section isn't very useful as well, but I guess if the mani
> consesus is this, we shoulsd remove it from generic-readme, too.

*Is* it the consensus?

> Also, I used " list" to get file names, so I guess they
> should be right the ones that get installed... or the gzipping takes
> places in setup.exe?

The "list" command will simply show the contents of the installation
directory at a given point.  However, gzipping the man pages happens in
the "install" step, so you should see the gzipped ones.  What's the exact
point at which you run " list"?

> Not the case, a simple "tar tjvf" shows the .gz extensions as well...
> I wonder why the script didn't put them, I probably forgot to call one
> of the steps ("all" does it all, but doesn't include "list" so of
> course you have to call it once without "all" as else "finish" is
> included and deletes it all...).

In any case, the script should output the full contents of the tarball
that it creates (it invokes "tar -v").  If there's demand, I could add
another option that does everything but finish...  It's pretty useless to
have it do "list", however, since the "pkg" step should have the exact
same output.

> > When rebuilding the source package I saw a couple of errors: strip:
> > unable to copy file './usr/bin/bsdiff.exe' reason: Permission
> > denied strip: unable to copy file './usr/bin/bspatch.exe' reason:
> > Permission denied
> >
> > Apparenly due to installing the executables with mode 555 instead
> > of a more normal 755.
> I saw those as well, and didn't quite understand why strip should give
> error and meanwhile producing stripped executable correctly!
> Anyway, I'll s/555/755/ and s/444/644/.

Could the "make install" step invoke "install -s" (which would strip the

> > Apart from the above, it's probably GTG.
> OK, I locally did those changes, either wait -2 coming this evening
> (now I'm a bit in a hurry) or if you feel a simple error in the readme
> is not such a problem upload at will (though I don't think there will
> be an upstream 4.3 anytime soon, as an occasion of producing a package
> with a correct readme).
> Thanks for the review, BTW.
> About "votes": on the linux side bsdiff is included in Gentoo only so
> far, while FreeBSD of course contains it in its "ports" as the author
> itself made it primarily as a mean to efficiently distribute "FreeBSD
> ports" themselves...
>     Lapo

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