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Re: [ITP] stow

> > I would like to package and maintain stow for Cygwin.  Stow is an
> > installation manager for local software packages.  It installs 
packages by
> > creating sets of symlinks from the installed location (e.g. 
/usr/local) to
> > a stow directory (e.g. /usr/local/stow/emacs) where the real files 
> This, presumably, should work fine for simple packages, but will be 
> in conjunction with packages that install DLLs?

Right.  I hadn't considered that, but since the Windows shortcut is 
fundamentally broken, you're right that stowing won't work for DLLs, or 
outside of the Cygwin environment.  (Philosophical question:  which 
component of Windows deserves the blame for the failure of the Windows 
shortcut?  The file system, the shortcut design, or the shell?)

> If you've found a way around that, then great!

No, I'm afraid I haven't.

> If not, make sure to note so in the readme.

OK, I've uploaded new packages with a description of this problem in the 

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