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Re: maybe-ITP: bsdiff

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Max Bowsher wrote:

> Cygwin-specific README: gcc is not a runtime requirement. I assume
> it was supposed to be a build requirement.

Of course ^_^

> I've taken to saying "(basic development packages)" in the packages
> I maintain, to mean such obvious things as gcc, binutils, patch,
> diff, make, to avoid listing them all.

Good idea.

> IMO, just drop the "Files included in the binary distribution:"
> section entirely, but if it's going to stay, take note that the
> g-b-s now gzips man pages, so the man page file names are missing
> ".gz".

IMHO that section isn't very useful as well, but I guess if the mani
consesus is this, we shoulsd remove it from generic-readme, too.

Also, I used " list" to get file names, so I guess they
should be right the ones that get installed... or the gzipping takes
places in setup.exe?
Not the case, a simple "tar tjvf" shows the .gz extensions as well...
I wonder why the script didn't put them, I probably forgot to call one
of the steps ("all" does it all, but doesn't include "list" so of
course you have to call it once without "all" as else "finish" is
included and deletes it all...).

> When rebuilding the source package I saw a couple of errors: strip:
> unable to copy file './usr/bin/bsdiff.exe' reason: Permission
> denied strip: unable to copy file './usr/bin/bspatch.exe' reason:
> Permission denied
> Apparenly due to installing the executables with mode 555 instead
> of a more normal 755.

I saw those as well, and didn't quite understand why strip should give
error and meanwhile producing stripped executable correctly!
Anyway, I'll s/555/755/ and s/444/644/.

> Apart from the above, it's probably GTG.

OK, I locally did those changes, either wait -2 coming this evening
(now I'm a bit in a hurry) or if you feel a simple error in the readme
is not such a problem upload at will (though I don't think there will
be an upstream 4.3 anytime soon, as an occasion of producing a package
with a correct readme).

Thanks for the review, BTW.

About "votes": on the linux side bsdiff is included in Gentoo only so
far, while FreeBSD of course contains it in its "ports" as the author
itself made it primarily as a mean to efficiently distribute "FreeBSD
ports" themselves...


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