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Re: maybe-ITP: bsdiff

Lapo Luchini wrote:

sdesc: "tools for building and applying patches to binary files"
Should begin with a capital letter.

Cygwin-specific README:
gcc is not a runtime requirement. I assume it was supposed to be a build requirement. I've taken to saying "(basic development packages)" in the packages I maintain, to mean such obvious things as gcc, binutils, patch, diff, make, to avoid listing them all.

IMO, just drop the "Files included in the binary distribution:" section entirely, but if it's going to stay, take note that the g-b-s now gzips man pages, so the man page file names are missing ".gz".

When rebuilding the source package I saw a couple of errors:
strip: unable to copy file './usr/bin/bsdiff.exe' reason: Permission denied
strip: unable to copy file './usr/bin/bspatch.exe' reason: Permission denied

Apparenly due to installing the executables with mode 555 instead of a more normal 755.

Apart from the above, it's probably GTG.


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