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Re: how to automatically install all local packages

Brian Dessent wrote:
Tod Courtney wrote:

I can use the command line flags to specify a local install from my
installation directory (-L), and the location where cygwin shuld be
installed (-R). And I can specify that cygwin be installed without all of
the prompts and interactive options (-q). But I do not know how to change
the package chooser from 'default' to 'install', so that all the packages
in my installation directory are automatically installed.

Please let me know if there is a way to force cygwin to install all
packages in the local package directory. Ideally a command line option to
change the

I don't think there's any way to do this directly. It's been requested before the ability to specify on the command line certain packages to install, and I think that would be a useful feature to have for people in your situation.

You might be able to kludge it though.  If you provided an
/etc/setup/installed.db that listed each desired package with a version
of '0', then setup should see that the package is already installed and
try to upgrade it to the current available version.  E.g. place a line
"foo foo-0-0.tar.bz2 0" for each package that you wish to be 'upgraded'
(i.e. installed.)  If there are no mounts on the system, though, I'm not
sure if setup will know where to find /etc/setup/, so you might have to
add the mounts before running setup.  Since you already know the
location where Cygwin will be installed, that should be feasible.

The above should work, but there is another option:

Edit the local setup.ini, placing everything you want installed into the category "Misc". (They can be in other categories too). Anything in either "Misc" or "Base" will always be selected for installation.


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