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Re: please test new setup

Thomas Wolff wrote:

> I would appreciate if you also fix the final options
> "Create icon on Desktop" and "Add icon to Start Menu"
> not being remembered which is rather annoying.

That's on the todo list.

> Also the font used by setup is too small - it does not adapt to
> the screen resolution. With my 1600x1280 setting, I can hardly
> read the text anymore. Most other software somehow manages to
> adapt and to use Windows settings for a larger font size.

Okay, I'll have to see what MSDN has to say about the proper way to do

> I saw there have been multiple comments on the usability of the
> package selection menu, from its tiny default size to better
> package information and navigation features.
> I also think the top buttons are confusing. The "View" toggle
> is almost comprehensive after playing with it for a while, just
> the term "Partial" should be changed to something like "Selected" -
> "partial" doesn't mean much here.
> Even more confusing are the buttons "Keep", "Prev", "Curr", "Exp".
> It is really not clear what might or should be caused by selecting
> any of them.

Yes, I agree it could be better.  Rather than try to improve the current
interface I'd like to address this by reimplementing the chooser
alltogether.  This would hopefully result in something that is a lot
more intuitive and also usable without a mouse or with a screen reader.

> in the first place. Also currently the tooltips vanish so quickly
> again that you cannot even read them fully, let alone understand what
> they mean before they are gone.

They're the default timeout value that windows chooses.  That can be
increased though.


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