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Re: Please upload: coreutils-5.3.0-6 [test]

On May 12 19:16, Eric Blake wrote:
> This release addresses two issues.  First, dd now defaults to binary mode, 
> and adds [io]flag={text,binary} options for tuning.  Second, `mkdir -p' and 
> `install' now try to cd into // and //server, rather than wrongly creating 
> /server.  This second patch requires at least the 20050508 snapshot (and 
> even then, it makes random subdirectories in the last non-virtual directory 
> you were in, until a yet future snapshot is released with Pierre's followup 
> patches).  So, I've updated setup.hint to keep 5.3.0-5 at current, and put 
> 5.3.0-6 in test.  Please delete 5.3.0-3 from the servers, leaving 5.2.1-5 
> as previous.
> 	1953104	a2f85d200fe9a15af89c5cd7af7bcffd
> 	4547005	9780e49ef7628b10b4d4c7e02e7b5352
> 	707	daad11f917d1a34b2b9fa30f631335fb
> 	(prev: 5.2.1-5, curr: 5.3.0-5, test: 5.3.0-6)

Uploaded.  I removed 5.3.0-3.


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