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[ITP] unison2.12.0-2.12.0-1 ; updates to other Unison packages

Unison has a new upstream beta release, version 2.12.0.  Each upstream 
release unfortunately has to be packaged separately, since different 
versions are potentially incompatible and therefore will not talk to each 

Cygwin already includes the unison2.9.1, unison2.9.20, and unison2.10.2 
packages.  unison2.12.0 is a new package for Cygwin, but really just more 
Unison and so shouldn't require separate approval.

In addition, the documentation in each of the unison* packages lists all 
of the available unison* packages.  Because the list of those packages has 
just grown, the documentation in each unison* package has just changed, 
and this requires a new Cygwin point release of each one.  Sorry, I know 
this change is trivial, but for consistency's sake I would rather have 
each set of documentation be complete.

Finally, I'd like to adjust the setup.hint file for the deprecated unison 
package.  This version has a slightly more helpful sdesc entry.

Please upload.  Thanks,

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