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RE: sqlite / pysqlite ... RFC/ITP?

> Lapo wrote on Tuesday:
>> Jan Schormann wrote:
>> > I'm not sure just *how* off-topic this is, let's see ...
>> AFAIK, ITP usually go to the cygwin-apps ML.
> Sure.
>> > - Is anyone else actually interested in this, or might I be
>> >   better off to keep it to my own?
>> FWIW, I would definitely be interested in a sqlite3 (and sqlite2,
>> still in wide use e.g. by PHP scripts) package.
> To get a response from Reini, I asked him in personal email.
> Let's see what this brings.

I can only read private email in the morning and at evening.
High security area here at Formula 1.

> I would only package things that I use myself, I won't support
> sqlite2. I might consider maintaining sqlite3 if Reini doesn't
> want to.

No, I don't want to. Not enough time.
Please take it, propose it and I'll delete it from my server then.

>> > - Reini, will the sqlite package ever be part of the standard
>> >   cygwin mirrors, or would I have to maintain that, too?
>> >   Is there any serious reason against uploading it?
>> If you ITP and produce an usable package it automatically gets
>> uploaded on Cygwin mirrors and is installable using setup.exe, yes.
> Well, I haven't really looked, but I have been watching cygwin-apps for
> over a year now and can't remember seeing an ITP for sqlite.
> That's why I'm pinging Reini - the existing package from
> works fine for me.
>> >   but also for each version of the cygwin dll itself.
>> I'm not aware of any big backward-compatibility issue with cygwin1.dll
>> that would require multiple versions, but I guess this question
>> should go mainly to Reini...?
> Not really, this is solely about python-sqlite. Probably it's just a
> feature of python's omnipotent "" that's not needed here.
>> > Note also that this would be my first ITP ever.
>> As Wikipedia people put it "Be bold!" ;-)
> Thanks for the encouraging words!
> I'm waiting for answers from Reini and Gerhard Haering (seems
> to be driving python-sqlite). Then I'll present my package
> for review. Upload can only be useful after someone ITP'd
> sqlite. That someone might even be me, pending response from
> Reini, but I'd rather get around that responsibilty ;o)
Reini Urban

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