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Re: tetex postinstall suggestion

On Sun, 8 May 2005, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> > Max Bowsher writes:
> >
> > > In this way, there will be some visible indication in setup.exe that
> > > progress is occurring.
> >
> > I see what you mean, but that's quite a hack.  What about having setup
> > display some progress indication based on the amount of console output
> > that is printed?
> How can setup display any meaningful progress, without knowing an upper
> bound?

Perhaps a better way to display progress in these cases would be some sort
of an animated icon (e.g., a rotating bar that pine uses).  That way, if
the icon is animated, the user knows setup isn't hung.

> In the case of my suggestion, setup does know an upper bound, because it
> knows the number of scripts it plans to run.

This brings up another issue.  The script runner code first runs
postinstall scripts from each package that was installed, and then has a
catch-all clause that runs all other postinstall scripts.  I've added a
label a while ago to show which package the currently running script
belongs to, with "No package" indicating the catch-all.  From what I could
see, all of the postinstall scripts are run via the catch-all clause.
This seems to be a bug in the script runner loop.  I haven't had the time
to debug this.

That said, since the script runner first builds a list of all postinstall
scripts (even using the catch-all clause), the progress bar *will* be
updated between stages if your suggestion is implemented.
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