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Re: Dependency checking change...

Brian Dessent wrote:

Okay, how about this scenario:

Remove the checkbox; add a button that says "Select these now
(Recommended)".  When you press it the packages are selected and the
contents of the text box are replaced with the status of those changes
(e.g. "selecting foomatic-1.2.3-1..." but the wizard stays on the same

If a user just presses Next, they get a popup saying "You should really
install these before continuing, do you want me to do that?
Y/N/Cancel"  Yes would apply and move on to installation.  Cancel would
dismiss the popup and leave them at the same wizard page with no
change.  No would present a second popup saying "Are you really sure you
want to continue without selecting? Y/N" to eliminate the chance of a
user in a hurry selecting the wrong thing.

Agree mostly, but I think the checkbox was a good idea.
Make the popup have just OK/Cancel.
To break dependencies, make people check a checkbox labelled something suitably scary - e.g. "Force installation with broken dependencies" - and *then* click Next.

If started with --expert the behavior would be the same, except no
popups.  If you press next without pressing "Select these now" you get
exactly what you selected without setup getting in your way.

I would really rather not have --expert at all.

Command line options are fine for automation, but in general it is much more elegant to allow people to configure such things within the GUI. I know we have abused command line options in the past, (e.g. -5 ), when we weren't quite sure or didn't have the time to add appropriate stuff to the GUI, but I would rather not perpertuate that.


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