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Re: Setup - Hiding ZZZRemovedPackages?

I concur with the checkbox approach to hiding them altogether.

Much less complicated and provides a way out to weird users (whom are the most likely to complain ;)


Brian Dessent wrote:
Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Would it be possible to hide the ZZZRemovedPackages category when in
Category view, without changing the dependency logic regarding this

Yes, in fact I've been meaning to bring this up.  In terms of the end
user, there should be no reason at all for them to see those packages,
and I think it would be a good idea in general to remove them from sight

The only worry I have is that if someone still has an ancient version of
a package installed, they would no longer see it even though it's
installed.  Of course, if they just ran setup and accepted all the
defaults they would get the new version of the package, without having
to see them to select them.  But I do wonder about those users (and I
know they're out there) that insist on running 3 year old versions of
some packages.

I was thinking about making it a checkbox at the bottom of the dialog,
that said "Hide obsolete packages" and defaults to checked.  If the user
unchecks it they would get the same display they get now.

Also, would it be possible to sort this category to the bottom of the
list in all other views and ignore it when calculating the width to use
for the Categories column?  Currently the Categories column is too wide
and scrunches the Package column because of the length of the
ZZZRemovedPackages category name.

That would be another way of doing it.  I'm not sure how easy or hard it
would be to make them sort down to the bottom though.  And I'd prefer to
get rid of them entirely.


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