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setup changes, was: Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> I noticed one thing, perhaps this was intentional: the "Just Me" and
> "DOS/text" options stay at the bottom of the option group when you
> resize or maximize the setup window.  It looks a little silly, but if
> that is the intent, then it is fine with me :)

Yeah, it does look silly.  But I figured it looked no sillier that way
than if it kept the same horizontal location, leaving a ton of blank
space below.  I know that it could be a lot better but I basically just
wanted to make the dialog resizeable in the first place.

> Oh, as a side note, it is pretty hard to find what I am supposed to be
> testing in this snapshot release for two reasons:
> 1) The email subject was not changed, so I have to dig through
> "welcoming..." messages to find it the announcement
> 2) There were no changes mentioned in the announcement, just in the
> thread history, which means that I have to essentially study before I
> can test and verify that things seem okay.

Yes, I'm sorry about that.  It's been very informal so far.  Let me see
if I can summarize the changes in these test versions vs. the current
version of setup.

- minor code cleanups
- fix proxy port not being saved
- fix losing some dependencies when clicking "curr"
- themed common controls
- added dependency checking page after package selection (still work in
- added clickable urls that can be used to point user to place for more
- added extra wording on splash page and rootdir page, in response to
observation that many users were e.g. choosing "just me" and then trying
to run services
- made splash, rootdir, and localdir pages resizeable.  Well, they were
already resizeable, but they looked silly because the controls did not
move at all.
- added tooltip support (see recent post)

I think those are the major ones, there may be a couple of other minor
changes too.


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