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Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer


I noticed one thing, perhaps this was intentional: the "Just Me" and "DOS/text" options stay at the bottom of the option group when you resize or maximize the setup window. It looks a little silly, but if that is the intent, then it is fine with me :)

The addition of the manifest makes the gui look really nice. Thanks for the tip by the way, I used that idea to refresh the gui of an app I am working on. I had no idea it was that easy...

Oh, as a side note, it is pretty hard to find what I am supposed to be testing in this snapshot release for two reasons:

1) The email subject was not changed, so I have to dig through "welcoming..." messages to find it the announcement

2) There were no changes mentioned in the announcement, just in the thread history, which means that I have to essentially study before I can test and verify that things seem okay.

I suggest sending an email with a new subject, even for these snapshot releases, with a recap of changes.


Brian Dessent wrote:
Max Bowsher wrote:

Don't be sorry at all. :-)

trunk is supposed to be "under active development" - I think that it is
perfectly OK to commit first and then discuss for any non-controversial

Heh. Turns out I screwed up the button groups on the 'RootPage' dialog
pretty bad. Just committed a fix, going to upload a new test version. If anyone is trying these test versions, please get the new one.

To avoid confusion, it might be better to name the executable something that
hints at it not being compiled from purely committed code.

Perhaps setup-2.490M.exe (M for modified), or setup-2.490+.exe.

That should connotate the level of bugginess to expect, no? :)

(testers wanted)

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