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Dependency checking change...

...looks like a really nice idea!

I look forward to seeing the code.

One comment:

One thing that I miss is the ability to select a few packages that I know have dependencies, and then see all the results in the chooser.

For example, when doing a clean install, I will often select, say "libtool", "gcc", as a shortcut for getting lots of other packages selected - and I want to see them selected, so that I can read through the package names, and make sure I have everything I want selected. So, I think what is needed is a way to add the results of the dependency check to the selected packages, _without_ going on to the install phase.

I'm not sure what the best UI for this is, though. Perhaps, change:

Checkbox: [X] Install these packages to meet dependencies (RECOMMENDED)


Button: Install these packages to meet dependencies
Checkbox: [ ] (default off) Force installation with broken dependencies (NOT RECOMMENDED)

And have "Next >" disabled until the user uses one or the other of the controls.
The advantage is this allows accepting the changes, and then going back to the chooser to review.


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