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doxygen update please? (I even have a patch!)

Short version:

I would like to see cygwin's doxygen updated. I think I followed the
steps to make the needed files for a cygwin distribution but would like
help. Ideally I would think the maintainer would look at what I have and
work from there. (even if only to tell me to go fix x-y-z....)

Comments? Suggestions?


Longer version

doxygen1.2.18 seems to be the latest cygwin build available for "doxygen".

I had a need for it so I of course didn't start by following the rules
<blush> and emailed the maintainer, Ryunosuke Satoh(RS)...well, I'm
sorry if that email made it through because our email filters had a
field day for 2 days afterwards, something about attachment policies and
potential viruses blah-blah-blah...maybe unrelated, I don't know.

Anyway, I don't really know what I'm doing. I read RS's README and
manually applied the provided patch to the new sources. I didn't
understand all of it, and only had one additional modification to make
before I had a successful build. Then I just followed his README
instructions to make the files that seem to be required.

Feel free to email me directly if you can help me move this along.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work,


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