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Please upload:xemacs-21.4.17-1/xemacs-tags-21.4.17-1/xemacs-emacs-common-21.4.17-1


Please upload at your earliest convinience

-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

mkdir -p xemacs/xemacs-emacs-common xemacs/xemacs-tags

cd xemacs

cd xemacs-tags

cd ../xemacs-emacs-common
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application 
development system


* routine update


* routine update

* removed --with-offixe from configure as it needs --with-dragndrop which
  doesn't work on cygwin right now

* this version uses again the original package-get.el as my local patch
  doesn't cleanly apply because of a major update to the package lisp stuff

* explicitely include --with-dialogs=motif when configuring


    * Fix: Fix backreference bug in regex code.
    * Fix: Fix etags segv on Solaris.
    * Fix: Make AltGr and modifier keys work under new X servers.
    * Fix: Enable AltGr under GTK.
    * Fix: Fix --memory-usage-stats on tty.
    * Fix: FreeBSD build fixes.
    * Fix: Fix Parallel builds.
    * Fix: File positions are 0-based.
    * Fix: Improve Mac OS X compatibility in mule-tests.el.
    * Fix: Fix shifted-motion-keys-select-region documentation string.
    * Fix: Make window maximization work under Metacity.
    * Fix: Abort configuration if GPM requested but not found.
    * Fix: Force removal of lisp/finder-inf.el so 'make' for a normal user after 'make install' by root works.
    * Fix: Take into account `allow-deletion-of-last-visible-frame' variable.
    * Fix: Make sheap.c compile under gcc-3.3.3 on cygwin.
    * Fix: Fix gnus regexp infloop.
    * Fix: Close pop security hole.
    * Fix: Update documentation for programming modes.
    * Fix: Fix typos in the tutorial.
    * Fix: Another parallel build fix.
    * Fix: Make XEmacs build on VC++ 7.
    * Update: Sync the API of make-obsolete(-variable) with GNU Emacs.
    * Update: Make definition of "command" more accessible in Lispref.
    * Update: Update directory locations in nt/ to correspond to current optional-libs.exe and Cygwin makeinfo.
    * Feature: Improve comments in regex.c.
    * Feature: Improve docstrings for keymap functions.
    * Feature: Add a test for shy regexps to verify gnus infloop fix.

    * Fix: Repair configure boo-boo on deprecating Motif.
    * Fix: Repair PUI breakage if EMACSPACKAGEPATH is specified.
    * Fix: Make etags --include work.
    * Fix: Clean up split-string docstring.
    * Fix: Make etags recognize Python classes and global functions.
    * Fix: Don't redefine NSIG.
    * Fix: Default package-get-require-signed-base-updates to nil.
    * Fix: Avoid CVS conflicts in package-ui.el.
    * Fix: GTK: Working tab controls and widget drawing.
    * Fix: Sync gnuserv.el to the version from 21.5.
    * Fix: Fix precedence gotcha in lstream.c.
    * Fix: Fix void-function error in apropos.
    * Fix: Eliminate a warning in regex.c.
    * Fix: Fix bug in truncate-command-history-for-gc / pre-gc-hook.
    * Fix: Warning elimination in glyphs.c.
    * Fix: Eliminate bogus xref in positions.texi.
    * Fix: Paragraph-start should not be anchored to bol in Japanese.
    * Fix: Don't flag an error under some circumstances in search.c.
    * Fix: Fix typo in lispref/windows.texi.
    * Fix: Make sure the argument to Frecord_buffer is a buffer.
    * Fix: search.c fixes.
    * Fix: Preserve successful isearch targets on abort.
    * Fix: Fix typo in zmacs-region's docstring.
    * Fix: Fix shy groups bug.
    * Fix: Backport sorted saving of custom.
    * Fix: Working GTK buttons for 21.4.
    * Fix: The IA-64 has a large address space.
    * Fix: Fix repeatable crash while using w3
    * Fix: Eliminate misleading warnings when configuring GTK.
    * Fix: Remove compiler warnings for icc.
    * Fix: Minor cleanup for tag test.
    * Fix: GTK Button fix.
    * Fix: Fix configure warning about disabling regex-malloc.
    * Fix: PPC Linux no longer requires ppc.ldscript.
    * Fix: GTK backgrounds fix.
    * Fix: The IA-64 has a large address space part 2.
    * Fix: Fix etags loading of include files for completion.
    * Fix: process.el bug w/ & + output-buffer (Patches included).
    * Fix: Fix format specifier error in `package-require'.
    * Fix: Fix "unknown error datum" problem in PUI code.
    * Fix: Fix bogus byte-compiler warnings.
    * Fix: Fix truncate range error.
    * Fix: Fix setf substring bug.
    * Fix: Do not blindly copy on GC over another.
    * Fix: Fix completion lists that are too wide.
    * Fix: etags named tags bug solved.
    * Update: Document use of start == Qnil in fileio.c.
    * Update: Add tests for OS support.
    * Update: Sync etc/SERVICE to latest from
    * Update: Update internals manual.
    * Update: Sync derived.el with GNU Emacs 21.3.
    * Update: FAQ - pending-delete is in the pc package.
    * Update: Document major user visible PUI changes in etc/NEWS.
    * Update: Detect PlayStation2 in configure.
    * Update: Document the c-h c-f differs from GNU.
    * Update: Synch split-string to 21.5.
    * Update: Docstring tweaks for cl.el.
    * Update: Minor update in regexp docs.
    * Update: Announce new packages.
    * Update: Sync etc/sample.init.el typo and copycat fix from 21.5.
    * Update: GTK scrollbar improvements.
    * Update: Sync etags.el from 21.5.
    * Feature: Add tests for shy groups bug.
    * Feature: Add test for tags.
    * Feature: Fetch Symbols from MacOS X Dynamic Libraries.
    * Feature: GTK Menu/Button Mnemonic Support.
    * Feature: Backport sorted saving of custom variables.


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