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Re: TODO in

Max Bowsher wrote:
> I recently added a TODO to, marking a piece of code which
> seems a little suspect to me.
> I did try to follow up on my suspicion, but got lost in the dependency
> processing code.
> I'll have another go at it later, but I'd appreciate any input from others.

My guess was that it was a typo that was never caught since there was
the second name of the function with the default arg.  And most people
use TRUST_CURR anyway so it's a corner case.  I see no reason why it
shouldn't be

	return pkg.set_requirements (theView.deftrust);

There's something similar going on with
packageversion::set_requirements().  In that case it too has two
versions of the function, and one of them has a default argument.  That
means there are (or were before you starting cleaning) six ways to
invoke this function name.  And only slight difference in class name -
"packagemeta" and "packageversion".  Seems like that is just asking for

Obviously whoever did it that way had a reason, but it seems way too
open-ended for me.  Maybe I'm just not used to an idiom.


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