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Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer

On May  3 15:30, Brian Dessent wrote:
> The problem is joe user installs "for me" and then tries to install a
> service like sshd, cron, etc.  And it naturally fails because SYSTEM
> doesn't see any mounts.  So one or more of (setup.exe, cygrunsrv,
> /usr/bin/foo-install-script) probably needs to do more sanity checking
> in those cases.

This is a case of not enough information in the dialog, IMHO.  The choice
the user has to make at this point is quite important, right?  Usually this
begs for a dialog of its own in typical Windows installers, something along
the lines of


  Choose the way how Cygwin is installed on this machine.
  Usually "Systemwide" is the better setting for all purposes.
  It's also the default way to install Cygwin.

  o Systemwide

    If you choose this setting then the Cygwin installation is
    available to all users on the system.  [...]

    This setting is also required if you want to install services
    like SSHD or XINETD.  If you don't install "systemwide" [...]

  o Just for me

    If you choose this setting then the Cygwin installation is only
    available for you.  All settings required to run Cygwin are not
    visible to other users. [...]

    WARNING: If you install Cygwin just for you, installing service
    applications wil result in spurious failures.  Don't bother the
    Cygwin mailing list with your problems if you did that [...]


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Cygwin Project Co-Leader
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