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Summary, was Re: Welcoming ...

Brian Dessent wrote:

> On that note, I would like to start an open dialog about bugfixes and

Here's the synopsis of this thread and other recent conversations:

- explicit depends checking (perhaps enforced)
- what to do about cached packages of wrong size
- ordering of the unpack/replace (davek)
  (potentially grooming setup.hints to remove cycles)
- older package no longer on mirror or cache = odd version cycling
- context sensitive help or embedded .chm/.hlp
  (or maybe just a button that launches url shortcut to online manual)
- save window position and misc settings
  (possibly default to a percentage of screen rather than tiny size)
- deprecate needless user-mode mounts
- have intelligence when unpacking that path is valid
  (and/or check mounts for garbage, but careful of network drives)
- warn if user's mirror is not on current list
- function without needing phonehome; potentially cache
- manifest for themed controls
- accessibility or just less confusing package selection widget
  (or maybe just a way to uninstall things like X11 easily)
- show disk space usage during selection (and anything else useful like 
- ftp connections shouldn't be kept open during package selection
- offer user chance to view READMEs after installation
  (or provide pointer to their location)
- setup is totally unresponsive to input during long md5 checks of
  local package repo

Well, it sure ain't pretty and I can tell for you a fact that they're
not all getting fixed in this lifetime.  But it's good to have a list at
least.  If there was anything I missed, please add.


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