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Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer

Warren Young wrote:

> > Still, the context sensitive help would go a long way, and there is a
> > manual in html that they can refer to online.
> Context-sensitive help is just resources, so that wouldn't require a
> traditional Windows installer.  I recall that it's tricky to do outside
> a dialog, though.

Yeah, agree.  That's why I was going to see about implementing it
because the .exe could remain self-contained.

> Perhaps setup.exe could have a button to launch the default browser to
> open the online Cygwin docs from setup.exe.  I believe the Shell API has
> a way to do this, where you just "open" a URL.  ShellExecute(), perhaps?

Yep.  Not a bad idea either.

That reminds me... another idea that cgf mentioned earlier was having
setup.exe offer to show the README files of packages it just installed. 
For me, I think I would want it to launch in the default browser of
choice, but you could also just spawn a console with 'less'.  


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