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Re: [PATCH] Uninstall .dll last, reinstall first - final version

Hi All...

Should the actual file deletion be moved to a later phase? What I mean is where deletions are now performed, should files to be deleted be appended to a list (of files to be deleted), and then deleted all at once?



From: "Max Bowsher" To: "Dave Korn"
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Uninstall .dll last, reinstall first - final version
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 19:54:55 +0100

Dave Korn wrote:
Well, it builds, and it works, and I've tested it by rolling an
installation back-and-forth across quite a large update (the difference
between my local mirror set up last september and an up-to-date mirror),
which I could do with the old setup and see things fail when it removed the
cygwin dll early in the uninstall, and which worked fine with the patched
version because it saves the dll until last, and nobody actually has any
comments, but I've cut out the unnecessary return-an-early-abort-indication
bit now that I'm convinced that LogSingleton::exit doesn't return. So I'd
call that done for now. Here ya go!

The problem with this is it special cases the "cygwin" package. Whilst undoubtably this is the one thing that almost everything depends on, there are other dependency issues which this does not touch.

It is definitely valuable to have the section of code causing the problem pinpointed, but I think what we should do instead is to break out the uninstallation phase into two seperate passes:

1. Run preremove scripts
2. Actually remove files.

This is still not perfect, but should resolve the majority of issues, and not just relating to the cygwin package itself.


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