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Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer


My major pet peeve has always been that setup.exe doesn't do any sanity checks on mount points to ensure that they actually exist on disk before starting the install process. Of course, if a mount point points to the "D:" drive that has been removed, setup effectively untars the packages to /dev/null, which doesn't help much :)

I propose this solution:

1) Check each mount point to see if it actually points somewhere valid.

2) If any mount points point to invalid locations.

a) Present a dialog, listing the invalid mount points

b) Ask the user if they wish to continue the installation anyway

I think that 2b) is required because I may have a mount point for /foo that points to z: which isn't there because I'm not on the network, but that souldn't stop the installation from happening since /usr /bin /etc, et al are all valid.

Of course, there is an alternative:

1) Check each mount point

2) Remove any mount point that points to an unavailable location

3) Bail if "/" is then undefined

This would have the effect of removing an invalid "/usr/bin" mount point, allowing the installation to continue to the default "/" mount point, and ... pretty confusing, eh? Forget it, go with the first option.


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