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Re: Welcoming Brian Dessent as setup maintainer

On May  3 13:58, Brian Dessent wrote:
> - I still have not had a chance to review Dave Korn's
> postinstall/preremove script.  I do know that there's no truly foolproof
> way of handling this issue though.  Some postinstalls might depend on
> packages that you're trying to upgrade, and would bomb if you removed
> those files first.  There was a long mailing list thread on this a while
> ago that basically came to the conclusion that there was no easy answer.

Was there any other problem besides circular dependencies?

Circular dependencies are bugs in the setup.hint files, IMHO.  It would
be nice(tm) if setup would recognize them. but actually they should somehow
be avoided at all.  The Cygwin installation dependency should be a tree
with the root being the cygwin package, shouldn't it?

> *********************************************************************
> ** The current user experience of setup.exe is needlessly harsh,   **
> ** and I think we can improve that without _too_ much effort. It's **
> ** just that we're so used to it that we all know how it works and **
> ** its idiosyncracies.                                             **
> *********************************************************************

While we're at it:

I'm using an ftp mirror which has a pretty short timeout period.  It's
so short, that sometimes if I select packages from scratch for a new
installation, the server timed out before I finished package selection.
When pressing the "next" button, setup chokes.  I think setup should
reconnect instead.


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