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Re: [PATCH] Uninstall .dll last, reinstall first - final version

Dave Korn wrote:
----Original Message----
From: Max Bowsher
Sent: 03 May 2005 19:55

The problem with this is it special cases the "cygwin" package. Whilst
undoubtably this is the one thing that almost everything depends on, there
are other dependency issues which this does not touch.

It is definitely valuable to have the section of code causing the problem
pinpointed, but I think what we should do instead is to break out the
uninstallation phase into two seperate passes:

1. Run preremove scripts
2. Actually remove files.

This is still not perfect, but should resolve the majority of issues, and
not just relating to the cygwin package itself.

Okeydoke, I'll look at it. I took the approach I did because it seemed
like the least-invasive approach and thought it would catch at least some of
the worst cases. I don't _suppose_ leaving the uninstall files present
while running subsequent preremove scripts should affect anything, but it's
certainly a larger operational change. Anyway, I'll drop a line back when
I've got a new patch to try.

Since we have never made any ordering guarantees regarding preremove scripts, I think its fine.

The other potential solution would be to attempt to uninstall the packages in dependency-sorted order, but that might get awkward in the case of circular dependencies.


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