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RE: [PATCH] Uninstall .dll last, reinstall first - final version

----Original Message----
>From: Max Bowsher
>Sent: 03 May 2005 19:55

> The problem with this is it special cases the "cygwin" package. Whilst
> undoubtably this is the one thing that almost everything depends on, there
> are other dependency issues which this does not touch.
> It is definitely valuable to have the section of code causing the problem
> pinpointed, but I think what we should do instead is to break out the
> uninstallation phase into two seperate passes:
> 1. Run preremove scripts
> 2. Actually remove files.
> This is still not perfect, but should resolve the majority of issues, and
> not just relating to the cygwin package itself.

  Okeydoke, I'll look at it.  I took the approach I did because it seemed
like the least-invasive approach and thought it would catch at least some of
the worst cases.  I don't _suppose_ leaving the uninstall files present
while running subsequent preremove scripts should affect anything, but it's
certainly a larger operational change.  Anyway, I'll drop a line back when
I've got a new patch to try.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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