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RE: Counter-ITP of doxygen (was: Re: Please upload: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1 (n'th take))

> >> So you're comparing your specific situation with Gary's years long 
> >> history of adding useless comments to cgf's postings in the Cygwin 
> >> ML?
> >
> > Ahem, yeah, let's make that: "...Gary's years long history 
> of taking 
> > Chris to task for his years-long history of uncalled-for 
> snotty comments."
> >
> > Surprised Chris himself didn't "keep you honest" there.
> Enough! :-)
> I held that thread up as an example of a misunderstanding 
> creating a mess.
> Let's agree that misunderstandings are unfortunate, and not 
> spread the mess around!
> Max.

I could not agree more, Max.  Misunderstandings are indeed unfortunate.
Misrepresentations are something else entirely.

FWIW, I fully support your stance that your unilaterally-imposed
"disqualification" was unwarranted.  At the same time, it's not difficult to
understand Hans' consternation and reaction to the situation.  Doxygen is a
very useful package, and it would be sad for the "Cygwin immune system" to
reject its inclusion on the basis that somebody did too much work.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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