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Re: To ITP or not to ITP, that is the question...

On May  1 23:04, Peter A. Castro wrote:
> Yodl:
> ICU:

Both packages are part of a couple of Linux distros so I don't see a reason
to refuse them for Cygwin.

> 2) ICU is an IBM product (at 9Mb, compress, for the source, it's hugh!).
> Normally that's got both good and bad connotations.  This particular
> release of ICU (3.2) is strange in that I can't seem to get the canned
> sample demos to work correctly under Cygwin.  They run, but don't
> generate the desired output.  That normally would bother me, except, a
> build of the same version under Linux also has the sample demos failing
> in the same way.  Well, at least it's consistent :) But, it begs the
> question: does this code actually work at all?  I'd presume IBM thinks
> so, otherwise why would they release it?  So, even though I've managed to
> build and package it, it could be complete junk.

Well, that's your choice as the maintainer to-be, isn't it?  ;-)


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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