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Re: Counter-ITP of doxygen (was: Re: Please upload: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1 (n'th take))

Max Bowsher wrote:
Hans W. Horn wrote:
Max Bowsher wrote:
Having got the superficial naming problems out of the way, I took a
closer look at the source packaging.

Superficial? In your earlier complaints you made it sound as if those naming issues were of utmost importance!

There were many issues - the most serious being that the source
package did not even contain the Cygwin specific readme at all - and...

hear - hear (you didn't look, did you?)!

Yes, I did.

And just to be sure, I used grep. It was not there.

Interesting! You did a grep on a compressed tarball? Or on a directory tree? Quite unconventional.
I would use 'find'. As in:
cd /usr
find ./ -name doxygen*README -print

many minor deficiencies related to using a home-grown build script,
rather than the tried-and-true cygwin template.

Yup! Guilty as charged!

typical NIH syndrom!

"Not Invented Here". Probably doesn't count. Has no cygwin trademark!

I am sorry, but the conclusion I came to was that it would be less
effort for me to produce my own packages of doxygen, based on the
the generic-build-script, than to assist in getting these packages
up to a good-to-go status.

As I see it: the last version of the package I have submitted was as much or little conformant to the cygwin guidelines as the package it was meant to supercede, or 50% of all the other cygwin packages on the market today.

All Cygwin package maintainers work to the set of guidelines that the
project has designed for itself, and which are posted on the website.
If you desire to help, but lack the time or inclination to meet the
guidelines the project has defined for itself, ...

and which are being modified on the fly, see

...then you will discover that whilst your desire to help is appreciated ...

Are you sure you mean that?

..., you actual offerings may not actually be helpful to the project.

This is a simple fact. If it angers you... there is nothing I can do
about that.

I'm sure you wouldn't! But that's not what angers me; it is rather arrogance and pretence that pushes my button.

In any case : this is not a competition for maintainership - you may keep it all for yourself! And I'm out for good!

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