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Re: screen, try #1

Andrew Schulman wrote:

* Video colors become confused sometimes, especially when creating new windows within screen. For example, twice my whole console window has changed to reverse video, both outside of screen and in all of the windows within screen. In the properties of the parent console window, the colors were swapped, but changing them back didn't fix the problem; I finally had to close the whole console. Another time the text color changed to cyan, which happens to be my prompt color.

I had a similar problem with JOE: If you are in inverse video, and then call fork(), Cygwin changes the default
attributes to inverse (so even if you call ESC [ 0 m, it is stuck in inverse). Resetting attributes before fork() fixes it
(you have to make sure screen's attribute tracking variable indicates this as well as sending ESC [ 0 m).

* Detached sessions are still tied to their parent consoles. If I detach a session and then exit the parent shell, the shell doesn't exit and the zombie console window stays around. If I force the console window to close, screen terminates.

There's something broken with process groups in cygwin. I had this same problem in JOE, but I don't clearly remember
what I had to do to fix it: make sure both setsid() and setpgrp() are being called. I think it had more to do with the order
of opening the pty or tty vs. fork(). Fork first, then open the tty: look at mpxmk() in tty.c in JOE for something that works.

There were other weird problems: like try to suspend a sub-process and the parent would get suspended.

There are two different patch sets that people have used to get screen working: Christopher's (, and the older patch set that Lapo found ( I used Christopher's patches to get these results. I also tried the older one, which is much larger and includes Christopher's. I found the same reattachment problems, but haven't had time to test the other problems yet.

I'll continue to work on these problems. Meanwhile I'd welcome any help that others can offer.

Should this version be uploaded so people can test it? I've labeled it 'test' in setup.hint.


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