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RE: Vital information for anyone debugging setup.exe

----Original Message----
>From: Brian Dessent
>Sent: 20 April 2005 10:14

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Nope, I saw that, but I wanted to fix insight rather than setup,
>> because otherwise it's gonna happen again with some other piece of
>> software... I'm in the habit of using loadsa debug messages and logging
>> them with dbgview or similar, and I don't want to accidentally
>> window-bomb myself again sometime in the future.
> Ah.  Well if you do figure out how to disable that in insight please
> post.  As I said I googled but all I found was others complaining about
> it with replies saying that you'd have to dig into insight internals to
> change it, and I'm not really conversant in tcl/tk.
> Brian

  Hmm. handle_output_debug_string in gdb/win32-nat.c translates messages
received from OutputDebugString into calls to warning (...).

  Eventually these get translated through gdb/gdbtk/library/interface.tcl ::
show_warning (...) into calls to ide_messageBox (in libgui/src/tclmsgbox.c).

  I think it would probably be best to fix at the gdb layer.  Genuine
warnings we still do want to pop up a dialog, it's just that debug output
shouldn't be treated as debugger warnings, because it isn't.  Just
commenting out the call to warning would probably work, although that would
mean the debug messages didn't get displayed at all; what we really want is
for them to come out in the console window.  Not quite sure how to make that
happen yet......

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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