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Re: Please upload: doxygen v1.4.2-20050410 (3nd take)

Hans W. Horn wrote:

Max Bowsher wrote:

Package naming still incorrect. It should be: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1.tar.bz2 doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1-src.tar.bz2

No, still wrong. You didn't read what I said carefully enough.

You *need* to understand:

Filenames are expected to be EXACTLY:


VERSION is anything which begins with a digit, and does not contain a '-'.
RELEASE is a simple integer, starting at 1, incremented if there is a need to release a new Cygwin package of the same upstream version.

Also, please could you briefly describe the purpose and origin of the
following parts of the patch:

+++ doxygen_1.4.2-20050410/addon/doxywizard/version.cpp 1969-12-31
16:00:00.000000000 -0800
addon/doxywizard/version.cpp is created during the build and removed during
a 'make distclean'. The upstream version I was diffing against, must not
have been made 'distclean'.
I haved removed the offending file from the upstream version I am diffing


+++ doxygen_1.4.2-20050410/doc/language.doc 2005-04-12
08:19:02.941256000 -0700
+++ doxygen_1.4.2-20050410/doc/translator_report.txt 2005-04-12
08:19:05.404798400 -0700
+++ doxygen_1.4.2-20050410/examples/example.tag 2005-04-15
08:12:16.622246400 -0700
These files are touched during a 'make install_docs'. diffs seem to be
meaningless! Is there a way to exclude them from the patch file (I mean

diff --help | fgrep exclude

The Cygwin-specific readme should be wrapped to remain within 80
Fixed! But, please, take a look at doxygen-1.2.18.README and tell me how
many chars per line you see!

And, by the way, the previous doxygen-1.2.18 version did ship with a pdf
version of its manual!!!!

A fresh start is a wonderful time to fix old bugs.


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