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Re: new package: Joe's Own Editor

Thomas Wolff wrote:

Hi, a short first glance review:

Editor has syntax highlighting, i18n support and works well
in Cygwin console."

* When I start joe in a console mode window (DOS box) and type a non-ASCII letter, an 8-bit stripped character is displayed in reverse mode instead.

The editor looks at LC_CTYPE to determine the locale of the terminal.

* When I start joe in a UTF-8 xterm, instead of non-ASCII characters joe displays 8-bit stripped characters in reverse mode for each single byte of the UTF-8 sequence.

This is still correct, because LC_CTYPE is still not set.

* When I try to enable Unicode with $HOME/.joerc containing the line:
-encoding utf-8
, joe hangs after starting.

You need to copy the joerc file to $HOME/.joerc
It does not look at both file, so if you don't copy everything you don't have any key bindings.

* When I have an empty file $HOME/.joerc, joe hangs after starting.


This is not working i18n support.

Delete your $HOME/.joerc

Then in your utf-8 xterm, type:

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.utf8 (LC_ALL will also work).

joe some_file_with_utf8_chars

(JOE will assume the terminal is UTF-8 and the default file type is UTF-8. You can override the file type
by hitting ^T E in the editor (hit tab at the prompt for a list) or by using the -encoding option in the joerc file.
Then JOE will translate between the terminal's encoding and the file's encoding).

Kind regards,
Thomas Wolff

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