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Re: Please upload: doxygen v1.4.2-20050410 (2nd take)

Hans W. Horn wrote:
Please upload the latest doxygen release for cygwin (v1.4.2-20050410)

Binaries, sources & setup.hint files are located at
(thanks to Ross Smith II for providing web space).

-rw-r--r-- 1 32237 ross 2558933 Apr 12 20:18 doxygen-1.4.2-20050410.tar.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 32237 ross 1824834 Apr 12 20:19
-rw-r--r-- 1 32237 ross 179 Apr 12 20:22 md5.sum
-rw-r--r-- 1 32237 ross 351 Apr 12 20:19 setup.hint

Since this is the 2nd attempt of my first contribution of this kind, please
bear with me
if I still didn't get it all right.

I honored various complaints by Brian Dessent and Max Bowscher.

Thanks! Some further issues:

In setup.hint, the first letter of an sdesc is typically capitalized - just run setup.exe and look at the descriptions visible in the package picker to see what other packages do.

The naming of the packages has a problem: Cygwin packages are NAME-VERSION-RELEASE, of which only NAME may further "-" characters. Since the upstream package contains a "-" within it's version, changing this to a "_" would be a suitable workaround. Thus, the binary package would be named: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1.tar.bz2.

A source package should be labelled with the addition of "-src", not "_src".

My name has no "c" in it. :-)

Thanks for accomodating my request that the original upstream source be included. It is more usual to include the upstream tarball itself, though. Despite this being only an intermediate snapshot, it is available as a tarball:

One further suggestion: I think it would be appropriate to include only the html version of the manual. Including the PDF format too substantially increases the size of the package, for no real gain - it's just duplication. (This is a personal suggestion - it isn't part of established Cygwin policy - though perhaps we should actually make a Cygwin policy on this kind of issue).


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