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Re: doxygen status


btw. quoting

Submitting a package
7. So you've got a package you want to submit. Follow the following checklist before emailing and you'll almost certainly save time.
Announce on that you have the package ready for uploading. Add the URLs to all package files to your mail or, if you can't provide it on a web page, someone with upload privileges will contact you to get access to the package files to upload them to for you.

If the above is not true, then it should be corrected, shouldn't it?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 10:30:43AM -0700, Hans W. Horn wrote:
I've packaged & tested the latest doxygen release (1.4.2-20050410)
after applying Max' latest patch
Since this is my first package contribution: how do I go about
uploading? I currently don't have a webserver where I can stage the

That's rather a show stopper. We usually use the pull model for retrieving packages, which means you need to have a web site. Can't you use one of the free web hosting facilities?


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