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Re: doxygen status

Hi Max,

I take that you are suggesting to configure doxygen with "linux-g++".
Will do, as well as builing using cygwin's libpng.


Max Bowsher wrote:
Hans W. Horn wrote:

Max Bowsher wrote:
BTW, which platform did you tell doxygen's configure to use? I've
been building with "linux-g++".

I was using "win32-g++".

Ah. Then my patch certainly isn't having any effect at all, since qfile_unix.cpp isn't even being compiled.

I've no specific points in favour of either option, just a general
observation that when special-case windows file handling code is
used, it often ends up going behind Cygwin's back, and making the
program act more Windows-ish than a Cygwin user expects. Plus the
win32-g++ mode has explicit -D__CYGWIN__ options thrown all over the
place, when Cygwin compilers have been predefining that symbol for
absolutely ages, suggesting that might be somewhat bitrotted.

Also, did you build with the internal libpng, or use Cygwin's system
libpng? I used the system libpng (just removed the "make -C libpng"
command from the makefile).

I did always build & link doxygen with its own png (libpng1.0). Hm,
interesting, cygwin's default png is libpng12, which infact is used
in the include path for the compilation of doxygen sources, (e.g.
g++ -c -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -O -I../qtools
-I/usr/include/libpng12 -I../libmd5 -o ../objects/ce_lex.o

I just re-built doxygen w/o its built-in png and ran a few
documentation projects.
The results seem to indicate that the png version used doesn't

This is all I've been using to build with the system png library: Index: configure =================================================================== RCS file: /u/kp3softd/cvsroot/configure,v retrieving revision 1.209 diff -u -p -r1.209 configure --- configure 10 Apr 2005 18:36:48 -0000 1.209 +++ configure 11 Apr 2005 21:19:31 -0000 @@ -483,7 +483,6 @@ EOF echo "" >> $DST echo "all: src/version.cpp " >> $DST echo " \$(MAKE) -C qtools" >> $DST - echo " \$(MAKE) -C libpng" >> $DST echo " \$(MAKE) -C libmd5" >> $DST echo " \$(MAKE) -C src" >> $DST if test $f_wizard = YES; then

It seems a little wasteful for doxygen to carry around its own version of the code when there's already a package available.


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