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updated: nfs-server

Hello all,

  I've prepared updated packages for nfs-server 2.3.

  Hint   :
  Binary :
  Source :

  As active development on the package seems to have stalled
(see - last release was
three years ago), and this release contains significant changes,
I decided to bump the version number to 2.3 to reflect the fact
that this package has essentially become a fork of the original

  Changes in this release include:  

  - Configuration now handled completely by autoconf
  - Updated source layout and general source code cleanup
  - Much updated nfs-server-config script
  - Improved documentation
  - Removed CDF support in favor of future ClusterNFS integration.
  - Added support for simple '*' as allowed host in /etc/exports
  - Added support for setting root uid on command line

  With these changes, the nfs-server now passes almost all of the
Connectathon ( tests.
If anyone knows of other nfs-server test suites that could be used
to help verify the correctness of the server, I'd be happy to get
a pointer to them.


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