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setup.exe problem with selecting "curr" radio button

Just today I noticed a buglet in setup.exe where it will "lose" some
dependencies when pressing the "curr" radio button, even if that is the
current selected choice.  That kind of violates the principle that
selecting something that's already selected shouldn't have any effect.

Here's a very simple example that illustrates how bad it can be.  Move
your current cygwin setup away to a safe place (mount -m > mounts.bat;
umount -A; ren \cygwin \cygwin-old) and run setup.  Change absolutely
nothing, i.e. take all the defaults.  You should get the standard base
system which currently consists of:

ash base-files base-passwd bash bzip2 coreutils cygutils cygwin
cygwin-doc diffutils editrights findutils gawk gdbm grep groff gzip less
libbz2_1 libcharset1 libgdbm libgdbm-devel libgdbm3 libgdbm4 libiconv
libiconv2 libintl libintl1 libintl2 libintl3 libncurses5 libncurses6
libncurses7 libncurses8 libpcre libpcre0 libpopt0 libreadline4
libreadline5 libreadline6 login man mktemp ncurses readline sed tar
termcap terminfo texinfo which zlib _update-info-dir

Okay, fair enough.  Now blow away that installation and try again.  This
time do the same thing, accept all the defaults, BUT click on "curr"
even though that radio button is already selected, and press Next. 
Setup helpfully removes a bunch of critical packages.  You get the above
list of packages MINUS (!!) the following:

groff less libz2_1 libcharset1 libiconv libintl libintl1 libintl3
libpcre libpcre0, libpopt0 mktemp

Needless to say you get a real headache when it comes to try to run the
postinstall scripts, particularly the missing cygintl-3.dll and
cygpopt-0.dll.  In this example you get about three dozen popup "missing
DLL" errors.  If you run setup a second time and accept setup's choices
you will see the above list of packages in the "partial" view as setup
finds and selects all the missing stuff.

It seems that what's happening is that when you press "curr" setup tries
to reselect the current version of every package, but in doing so it
misses some things, and since they were not installed before (since
*nothing* was installed before) they get deselected.  I haven't looked
at the setup code all that thoroughly but if I recall correctly there's
a hard-coded limit of 5 levels of recursion in there to prevent
looping.  Perhaps the dependency tree for a system with no current
packages installed is deep enough that setup is hitting that and
stopping early.  I don't really know.  But it would explain a lot of the
support emails that basically amount to "I have this error saying
missing cygfoo.dll!" where cygfoo.dll is some dependent lib that setup
should have installed but didn't.  I always thought it was people
deselecting things they thought they didn't need, but setup might be
causing it if they clicked back and forth between curr/test a couple of
times or something.


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