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A new version of fortune, based on the debian 1.99.1-1 release
is available at:

Setup hint:
sdesc: "Print a random, hopefully interesting, adage"
category: Games
requires: cygwin libiconv2

Even though the new upstream version is now named fortune-mod, not
fortune, I've chosen to keep the package name as just fortune in
case it is later decided to break it up into separate packages
fortune-mod, fortunes, fortunes-off, etc. ala debian.

Although the upstream Makefile now puts the strfile and unstr
utilities in /usr/bin, I've kept them in /usr/sbin where the previous
cygwin version put them; let me know if you think they should go in
/usr/bin instead, or if any other packaging changes are wanted.

N.B. the source and patch contain offensive material in plaintext.

Does the following release announcement look ok? :

   Achilles:  Don't tell me you believe in fortune-telling!
   Tortoise:  No...but they say it works even if you don't believe in it.
      -- GEB, Hofstadter

I've made a new version of fortune available for installation.

As of version 1.99.1-1, the fortune database has been reorganized and
recategorized.  See /usr/share/doc/fortune-1.99.1/{cookie-files,Offensive}.

If you happen across offensive fortunes in the supposedly unoffensive
files, report them to and they will be moved if
appropriate.  You will get faster response if you also take the time
to file a debian bug report (see README.Debian.offensive in
/usr/share/doc/fortune-1.99.1/debian).  If you want to audit the
fortune files for offensiveness, do *not* report your results to; instead, pester the upstream maintainer (see

All debian version 1.99.1-1 patches to the data files have been
applied (see,
including spelling changes and removal of a number of Deutsch quotes.
(Debian provides several language specific fortune datafile packages
that are as yet not distributed in cygwin.)

Removed use of recode, since the recode library seems to have problems;
instead use fake recode functions using iconv.  The problems with iconv
that led to fortune changing to recode are somewhat mitigated by using
iconv's transliteration option.  This should be a temporary measure.

For a brief description of this package, and a listing of the files it
contains, see .

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  setup.exe is the utility that cygwin uses to install and
update its packages.


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