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Re: inital proposal to submit package "antlr"

wolfgang haefelinger wrote:


I'm interested in becoming a package maintainer for package
antlr. This is a new  package  and this is my first try, so
please be patient with me.

This is the content of "setup.hint" as requested by

======= setup.hint ========================================
# comment
sdesc: (AN)other (T)ool for (L)anguage (R)ecognition
ldesc: "A language tool  that provides a framework for constructing
recognizers, compilers, and  translators  from grammatical
descriptions. The following languages are supported:

Java | C++ | C# | Python

In order to run the tool ANTLR you need to have Java(tm) installed
which is searched in your $PATH.

For further information checkout:
category: "Devel"
requires: cygwin gcc-java

The packages are ready for upload. Would be nice if someone call tell where to upload and how to continue from here ..

Upload is up to you, someone of the other maintainers needs to fetch it to do a review (packaging, does it work, ...). Just provide links where anyone can load it down.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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