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Re: Urgent wording change needed for setup.exe

On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 03:05:35PM -0000, Max Bowsher wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>For the next setup release, can we change "Download from Internet" to
>>"Download from Internet Without Installing"?
>Agreed - how about "Download Only - Do Not Install", though?  I think
>that is a bit more attention grabbing, and "from Internet" is just a
>bit redundant!

I thought the internet was redundant, too, but I thought if I didn't
include the word "internet" someone would insist that it was needed.

I think that "do not install" is misleading, though.  It gives the
impression that the files should not be installed.  Isn't "Download
Without Installing" adequate?

>Also, whilst we are clarifying things, how about adding the text
>"(downloaded files will be kept for future re-use)"
>to the "Install from Internet" option. Commercial stub-installers often 
>don't bother to preserve the data they download for future reinstallation - 
>people are used to this, leading to then then needlessly splitting their 
>Cygwin setup operations into "Download", then "Install from Local", not 
>realizing that the "Install from Internet" would do what they want anyway.

Yes, I think if we can add a few simple words to these pages (not so many
as to cause people to go into TMI mode) it is a help.


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