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Re: CMake 2.0.5-1 ready

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004, William A. Hoffman wrote:

> >Ok.  But 1.8.3 hasn't been offered via setup for a while now, AFAICT.
> >
> >FWIW, your setup.hint would have caused there to be only one current version and no
> >previous version since once you specify one thing like (curr, prev, or test) you
> >have to provide them all.
> >
> >cgf
> I think there was some confusion from the time I posted 2.0.3.  BTW,
> the setup.hint on our ftp site did not have curr: in it.  I had a stationary
> in my email that had the incorrect setup.hint, and have removed it.  So
> 2.0.6 should be smoother.   We used to have:
> curr: 2.0.5
> prev: 1.8.3
> But at some point I was told that having curr and prev was bad style
> and that setup would figure out the right thing to do, so I removed them.
> However, that seems to have had the side effect of 1.8.3 being deleted by
> mistake.   Perhaps I should leave curr and prev in my setup.hint file more
> as documentation for which versions should be on the cygwin server?


The files aren't removed automatically -- it's done by whomever uploads
the new version.  Just include a request in your update message to leave a
particular version (in your case, 1.8.3) as prev.  Unless explicitly said
otherwise, the version you're asking to upload is assumed to be the new
curr.  Upset should pick up the latest version as curr and the one right
before it as prev.
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