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Re: setup.exe - RFC: reorganizing source into category directories

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Max Bowsher wrote:

Setup.exe has a *lot* of source files.

To make the source a little more comprehendable, I'm planning on moving
certain subsystems which effectively are utility libraries in their own right
into subdirectories.

This should hopefully be a step on the path to untangling the logic and the
GUI code.

To begin with, I'm proposing the following new directories:

One for all source imported with little or no modification from external
sources - that is md5.* (from libmd5-rfc sourceforge project) and rfc1738.*
(from squid). A possible name for this would be "srclib".

I assume you plan to build those into a library and link with it later? How about naming the directory after the library (e.g., "librfc" or something)?

No. I don't think it's worth it - there is only one object for the md5 code, and one object for the rfc1738 code. Despite the incidental presence of rfc in both of the names, they are entirely unrelated, so I don't think it would be correct to bundle them together.

One for NetIO and io_stream class heirarchies, and geturl.* (associated
helper functions). This is a large (116KB) chunk of code, exclusively
concerned with IO. A possible name for this would be "cygsuio".

Again, "libio"?

A rather too-generic name for some rather specific code, IMO.
This one would make sense as a library eventually, once I've picked out all the usages of global variables from the main setup code.

One for all image files (icon, bitmaps). Name "images".

Would it make sense to move res.rc and resource.h in there as well and call the directory "resources" or "libresource"?

I like that idea - I'd pick the name "resources".


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